I am a part of a group of friends who wanted a way to actually begin and (more importantly, continue) playing a game of Dungeons & Dragons. We all committed to one day a week where we would gather to play; and to keep us accountable, we would stream it on Twitch. We figured that if people depended on us for entertainment (three out of the five of us are performers and the other two have been in the production industry), then we would have to do it, for the audience, our audience! Oh, and since we needed to differentiate ourselves from other streams, we needed something different, something visual- Puppets!

Me, Cucumber, Danny, Chunk, Art, and Ryan. We are Perception Studio! (Not Pictured: Kenny)

We had a preliminary meeting to try to decide what to call our show (yep, this is always the hardest part because it causes severe Creator’s Block). After a lot of terrible (and punny) ideas, we finally settled on “Perception Check.” That was it! We had a show name, now we could start streaming! Wait, we needed someone to help us with audio levels and such; we asked Kenny and he joined the team!

After a few months, we had gathered a small group of very devoted fans (we named them Checkers) who kept us accountable! We started getting asked if we were going to stream other things, so we did! We started streaming Board Games, Video Games, and IRL (“In Real Life” for you non-streamers out there) and realized we were more than just our one D&D show. We decided to broaden our view and actually start something bigger; we would call it Perception Studio! Since I had a full time job, I couldn’t fully commit to this bigger project, so “The Boys,” as I affectionately refer to them, decided to do it! Art (my husband), his best friend Danny, and Danny’s best friend from High School Ryan took on the quirky beast that we all know today as Perception Studio!

Perception Studio offers a variety of services including Live Entertainment, Puppet and Prop Fabrication, Custom Designs and Fabrication, Consultation Services. We currently have three regular shows on our Twitch channel: Perception Check- Puppets playing Dungeons & Dragons (Wednesdays at 8pm PST), Cinefilia- a Talk Show about Film (Sundays at 6:30pm PST), and Quarter to One- a Video Game Show unlike anything you’ve seen (Sundays at 8pm PST). You can find everything you need at and catch our live streams at

Princess Perplexity is a YouTube Channel for Kids (and Parents love it too!) that was developed by two former Disney Princesses because they wanted to see some cute wholesome content that their kids and all kids could watch! I became a part of Princess Perplexity because of a Facebook post that one of my friends, either Sarah or Ashley (the twins who came up with Princess Perplexity), posted asking if anyone had any experience with Video Production. I responded that my husband (then boyfriend) and I dabble in making YouTube videos for our friends- usually music videos and such. They asked if they could have a phone meeting with us, and that was the beginning of a beautiful partnership that has blossomed into the Social Media darling that it is today!

Princess Perplexity can be watched on YouTube at and their Instagram can be found at You can also visit their website at